Gravel Pit Solar Collector Substation and Switchyard Substation

Gravel Pit Solar Collector Substation and Switchyard

Client Gravel Pit Solar, LLC
Completion Date 2023
Location Connecticut
Completed by E.S. Boulos Company

E.S. Boulos Company (E.S. Boulos) is providing the design, procurement, and construction services for the engineer-procure-construct (EPC) delivery of the Gravel Pit Solar Switchyard and Collector System, which will connect our client’s new 120MW AC solar facility in East Windsor to the grid throughout Eversource’s transmission system.

The Gravel Pit Solar Collector will be constructed as a new 115/34.5kV open-air substation. Solar generation will be collected at the station using five 34.5kV collection lines with five corresponding breaker positions on a 34.5kV bus system. Two 34.5k-115kV, 220MVA power transformers, supplied by D.E. Shaw Renewable Investments (DESRI), will step up the generation voltage for export to the adjacent Eversource Interconnection Station.

The Eversource 115kV Interconnect Switching Station will be built with a 115kV three-breaker open-air bus arrangement interconnecting the existing Eversource 115kV 1200 line. Upon completion, ownership will be transferred to Eversource.

Both, the switchyard and collector substation, will have standalone relate and control enclosures to house the protection and control equipment, auxiliary AC and DC power equipment, and telecommunication equipment.