Management Offices

Commercial / Industrial Division – Westbrook, ME

Vice President, Commercial & Industrial:  Scott Marquis
207.887.3588 (direct)

Operations Manager:  Joe Bradley
207.887.3596 (direct)

Estimating Manager:  Garrett Gustafson
207.887.3859 (direct)

Telecommunications Group

Manager of Telecommunications:  Dan Broy
207.887.3809 (direct)

Utility / Industrial Division – Auburn, ME

Director, Utility Division:  Adam Mancini
207.330.3265 (direct)

Panel Fabrication Shop

Manager: Jacob Casper
207.330.3259 (direct)

Corporate Office – Westbrook, ME

Director of Finance:  Alan Ray
207.887.3593 (direct)

Safety Manager:  Michael McCarron
207.464.3706 (direct)

Regional Offices

Bloomfield, CT
Southern New England Regional Manager:  Nick Marchant
207.838.6763 (direct)

Oakland, ME
Operations Manager:  Lescar Beane
207.716.1770 (direct)